What Might Happen When You Go Shopping for Bras at Brio

What Might Happen When You Go Shopping for Bras at Brio

When you go to visit Brio to buy new bras, you may look up at the Brio sign above your head and take a deep breath. You may have come here (the Westboro location because you’ve heard it carries more bras) after seeing an ad that bragged of sizing from 30A to 46J. You know that most women wear the wrong size of bra and you suspect that you are one of them.

After another deep breath, you might cross into the store and try to ask in a confident voice if you can be fitted, which of course the staff will oblige to do. They are a very competent staff, specifically trained in how to properly fit someone, and the sales associate who measures you is endlessly professional, making you feel very comfortable.

Maybe she will tell you your actual bra size which will be, unsurprisingly, different from the size you’re wearing. You’ll laugh it off together and she’ll let you know that size can change based on the style and brand of bra, because there is no true standard. Maybe this is unpleasant information you’ve long suspected but it’s good to have confirmed.

Armed with the knowledge of your true bra size and a sales associate that is an encyclopedia on the bras Brio carries and how they should fit, you will begin your journey to find the perfect bra.

At this point, you may find that you are calmer than you expected to be. Your heart rate is at a normal pace and there is no headache behind your temples. You might find you are able to keep up this upbeat attitude for the whole excursion because it turns out shopping for bras can be easier than you’d ever experienced before and had ever thought it could be.

The sales associate will show you many different bras from all different brands, like PrimaDonna, a Belgian brand with underwire in its bras that has been flattened and wrapped so it does not dig into the wearer, or Evelyn & Bobbie, an American brand known for its patented technology that allows bras to have no underwire without giving up support.

Maybe you will try on bras from one of these brands or maybe you’ll try on bras from different brands entirely. Brio not only carries a wide range of bra sizes but carries a wide variety of high-quality bras from many different brands. What is certain though is that with the sales associate’s help, you will be able to find a bra that fits you perfectly. It will take some trial and error, with the sales associate detailing what is and is not fitting correctly along the way. But, by the time you leave, you will have bras that fit, flatter and make you feel comfortable and beautiful.