Should You Sign Up Your Child For Dance Classes?

Should You Sign Up Your Child For Dance Classes?

Are dance classes good for my child? Which type of dance class is best? Here are a few things to think about to help you decide.

So why should you enroll your child in dance? Kids can get a lot from dance. Dance classes are a space for children to explore movement safely. They build a child’s confidence both in and out of the studio. Dance will also teach children bodily awareness.

Dance classes not only keep children physically healthy, but they can help their mental health too. In dance class, they learn how to socialize with others, build their independence and stay healthy. Time away from parents and interacting with children their age develops their life skills.

Before going to a dance class, finding the right teacher and training style is important. Every dance school and teacher will be different. Some will suit your child more than others. Talk to the teacher. Ask if you can either come to observe a class or have your child attend a trial class. Watch how the teacher interacts with the children and how the children act in class. Try more than one studio. If one school doesn’t fit you or your child, it doesn’t mean they all won’t.

“It’s important for the studio to feel like a safe space,” says Melissa Mahady-Wilton, Co-Artistic Director for The Conservatory in Kingston. “This goes for both the parent and child.” One of the things that Melissa stresses is the importance of easy communication between yourself, your child, and the teacher.

Now I bet you’re wondering what dance style is best for your child. There are so many different dance styles. Choosing from all the dance styles can be daunting.

Different dance styles work better for different children. It all depends on who they are as a person. Some styles are more structured and focused, and some are more energetic. Knowing your child’s personality and behavior will help place them in the best dance class. To help you, here is a glimpse into the main styles of dance. We hope it will help you find the right dance class for your child.

n in creative movement dance class

Get your child moving with creative movement

Creative movement classes are introductory dance classes for younger children. They are fantastic for children who show an early interest in dance. Is your child unable to stop dancing around the house? Starting them in creative movement is a great way to introduce them to dance.

Creative movement classes are fun and inspire children to explore movement. They often involve games, props, and storytelling to help teach the basics of dance. The lessons can also help you and your child understand which dance style they like.

Children ballet dance class

Get classical with Ballet dance classes

Ballet is a great starting point for many young dancers. Ballet classes put a strong emphasis on aesthetics and good technique. (Technique is the groundwork for how the movements look and feel). As a result, Ballet will help children become well-rounded dancers.

Young dancers in ballet class begin by learning how to have fun and enjoy movement. As they progress through the levels, they are taught technique. Over the years, ballet technique becomes more advanced. Ballet classes teach children self-discipline and striving for a goal.

Young children in tap dance class

Bring on the noise in tap dance class

Tap dance is an exciting style for any child who loves to make noise. This dance style is both energetic and smooth and varies depending on the chosen music and style. Tap is perfect for a natural-born performer.

Tap dance classes give children an opportunity to express themselves. They’re great for children who cannot sit still. It can provide them with an outlet if they have difficulty focusing. In addition, the sound created from tap shoes can provide a way for children to release energy and emotion.

Teen girl doing jazz dance

Get showy with jazz dance

Jazz dance is another expressive style of dance. Jazz classes are structured, and, like ballet, jazz has its own technique that teaches children how the style should look and feel.

The focus is on movement, as well as self-expression. The style is fun and encourages kids to perform. Jazz can be an excellent class for a child to express who they are. If, for example, they tend to be a little shy, jazz dance could help them come out of their shell.

Young boys and girls in hip-hop dance class

Get funky with hip-hop dance classes

Hip-hop is a popular dance style that is all over the media. It is the dance style that is closest to contemporary culture. Each style of hip-hop has its own dynamic technique.

Hip-hop classes tend to be less structured than other dance styles. Instead, students express themselves through listening and responding to music. It is an energetic and upbeat dance style. This type of dance is suitable for children who need more stimulus and freedom to explore.

Young modern dancer

Be expressive with modern or contemporary

Modern dance originated in ballet but moved away from ballet’s rigor. Modern dance is more exploratory and covers a larger range of movement. 

Although Modern has developed from Ballet, the style is very different. It can be fast-paced and will help build strength and stamina. This style encourages dancers to explore movement and self-expression.

Flamenco dancer

Explore other styles

These are the principal dance styles, but many more options are available. If one dance style doesn’t suit your child, it doesn’t mean others won’t. Every child is different. They all have different sets of needs and wants. Making sure that your child feels comfortable is the most important part. As a parent, you want to feel confident that you are investing in something your child will enjoy.

Your child may or may not be the next principal dancer at the National Ballet of Canada. They will, however, have the most fantastic time, make friends, and learn skills for life.

And when it’s time to get their dance gear …

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